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Can Casino Gambling Operations Be Completely Cleaned Up?

As one looks around the internet for a gambling and casino comparison, one would think there is no end to the options available. In many cases one finds the same few casinos with similar products, offering similar odds, with the same features. What needs to be done is to make the right choice based on what the business model is offering. For example, do they offer progressive slot machines at nettcasino or straight slots? Both offer the chance to win at the casino, but which is better at winning more money or in less time?

It s helpful to view the industry this way: gaming operations are serving two different markets: the local market and the national market. For the local market consider Las Vegas: everything is being affected: food, hotel revenue, drinks, entertainment, and of course, gambling. Some gambling software is still on the web, but this s an insignificant loss for many casinos when compared to slot income from the hotel. A casino in a city like Las Vegas is not going to close down because it lacks tourists. But it may lose some business to a neighboring casino if it fails to provide enough gaming opportunities. That means the casino will have to add gaming opportunities at other locations.

The national market is perhaps more interesting because there may be more competition between games. At a casino type location, there may be a direct competition between slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat and video poker. At a gaming complex in a city like Las Vegas, the business will be focused on gaming and, therefore, adding slots, video poker, and baccarat to increase the casino revenue. That means the casino type will be trying to develop more gaming opportunities at other locations.

In the end, though, all of these variations are still playing on the same table game. Whether you play Texas Holdem or No Limit Texas Holdem, you are playing on the same machine. You put your money into the slot machine and it pays out whatever the slot machine tells you to. You can win the jackpot on almost every single machine if you play long enough. That is why casino and gamin software engineers have invented the “drop box” technology that allows players to transfer their money from the slots directly into their bankroll (a set amount of money kept by the casino).

Drop boxes are essentially re-deposited checks that go into your account. Instead of cash or check, the money goes into a deferred revenue account until you can use it to purchase a new slot machine or some other option. With the addition of drop box technology, casinos are able to keep more of the profits from their slot machines than they could if all players used cash. Casinos would have to take the loss and pay it out to each and every person in their database that played the slot machine. It would be a very expensive and difficult business for the casinos to keep up with today.

If casinos tried to completely clean up their act and eliminate all errors, they’d still be in pretty hot water. As far as capitalizing on any errors, they would be breaking the law and could open themselves up to serious troubles down the road. There are plenty of reasons why a casino would want to get rid of the errors that have already been made, however. For example, if there was an error with one of the machines, a casino could make that machine operational again and recoup some of the lost revenue from that one error. The casino also needs to make sure that the changes that they are implementing to help reduce their casino and gambling losses aren’t retroactive – that is, if another error is found, the casino could have to start all over again and incur all of the expenses associated with that particular error again.

If all the year were playing holidays,

to sport would be as tedious as to work.

William Shakespeare

To play a good game, you need a few players.

R.J. Torbert


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