Best Free Games For Oculus Quest 2

If you don’t like to play, you can still enjoy the virtual reality game because it’s entertaining and accessible. You may find enjoyable games where you will stay energized, whether you just got a VR headset or have had one for a while.

Gorilla Tag:

Try playing this game with your family and friends; it’s the most enjoyable and enjoyable. Gorilla Tag is a free game with big prizes that carry no risk. Children can even like it.

Despite appearing to be a simple game of tag, the game’s concept is intriguing. Virtual reality adds a fun element to the game where you must flee from diseased gorillas and tag fresh ones. Many users have even said the game gives them the impression of a real gorilla sprinting and jumping. Real gorillas perform a lot of manual labor continuously.

What makes this sport so unique is how random the game is and how physically demanding it is. It is getting harder to find a place to play the game for free due to the famous of the game and the rise of commercials. Although two game modes provide players with more possibilities, there is no single-player mode, which may be a little bothersome to certain players.


Virtual reality has increased the appeal of fishing games, which have long been popular. Although bait appears to be a fairly straightforward game, it is entertaining and engaging. There are four separate ponds where you can locate various fish species, and your goal is to assist the struggling aquarium where you work.

Bait’s most significant asset! It’s an exciting story where you can interact with the characters and complete tasks besides fishing. Since it encourages relaxation, unlike other Oculus Quest games, it is a game that promotes relaxation.

Casting bait is more enjoyable and uncomplicated with the Oculus Quest because it is wireless. Even though the game is free, if you want to maximize your enjoyment, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase.


People find poker one of the most popular free Oculus Quest 2 games. PokerStars developed a virtual reality version that resembles a live table with all the fun and excitement. In contrast to other online poker games, the virtual reality experience makes this game fun for everyone who enjoys card games.

One can make an avatar while playing the game and join a table with other skilled players. Since you don’t have to move, this VR game demands less physical exertion than other VR games, making it more mature. But you will flip over your cards, set down your chips, converse with other players, and take pleasure in a realistic game that is quite psychologically satisfying.

Although this game doesn’t fully utilize virtual reality as some others do, it nevertheless makes our list of Oculus Quest 2 games since it simulates a casino environment without making you feel uncomfortable at home. If card games thrill you, then the game must be intriguing and distinctive. You can relax and play the slots even if you’re not lucky.

Puzzling Places:

Jigsaw puzzles are entertaining, but making virtual reality versions is another adventure that may keep you occupied and relaxed for hours. Because you don’t have to sprint or chase after objects like in other VR games, Puzzling Places is a comfortable game you can enjoy while sitting down.

You can pick from a selection of 3D puzzles that range in size and difficulty, and you can manage the parts even after you successfully solve the puzzle. While this happens, you can rotate the completed puzzle to see it from every direction.

There are many different in-game goods, such as iconography, tools, and historical artifacts. Although certain parts can be incredibly challenging, they are intriguing and enjoyable.


As it incorporates physical activity that makes your gaming sessions more fun, MarathRUN has the essence of the gamer they expect from VR gaming. This is the best obstacle course experience available in free Oculus Quest 2 games, and there are three different arenas from which to choose.

There are numerous traps and obstacles for you to avoid, in addition to the blue and red elves each player has available. Your gaming talents will be put to the test by numerous kinds of walls and obstacles.

Since you must defeat other players to win, the virtual reality platform makes this game entertaining and physically stimulating. Finding a game to play in Quest or Quest 2 can be a little challenging if you try MarathRUN, but your experience will be much more pleasurable if you have other players who enjoy running and overcoming hurdles.

“Pavlov”; “Shack”

Pavlov: Shake is one of the entertaining games you can play in single- or multiplayer mode. Virtual reality is undoubtedly one of the best technologies for enjoying shooting games. As you interact with other players in a distinctive and enjoyable atmosphere for shooting pleasures, the game’s social component will keep you fascinated until the very end.

It would help if you silently considered your next play because the goal of that game is to eliminate opponents, not to accomplish your objective. Additionally, a gore option gives you more significant influence over how the game is played.

The excellent detail in this game is one of the best things players have to say about it. Since it is still in its infancy, there is still an opportunity for improvement, so you can only accomplish some of what you want. You won’t ever get bored playing it because it is still thrilling, amusing, and intense.


As it uses hand tracking to view the virtual reality world, Elixir offers a unique way to experience your Oculus Quest. Because you may create potions and take pleasure in the true spirit of magic, this game is fantastic for fans of magic.

In this game, your role as a great apprentice wizard is to fulfill specific challenging tasks, focus an eye on the progress of your volatile potions, and take care of your master dragon.

This is an excellent choice if you want a game to play with your kids. Although it’s not extremely quick, it’s still enjoyable, and the routes are never dull.

Echo VR:

You may enjoy flying in worlds outside the cosmos; your Oculus Quest is generated using Echo VR, a fantastic way to explore games in zero gravity. It attracts VR newcomers because it is a game with a lot of endurance and fun.

No issue with how much time you spend playing. Echo VR guarantees you’ll have a great time throwing the frisbee, playing hockey, and other entertaining games. It’s an excellent game to play with friends over the holidays because you can communicate with other players.

When playing Echo VR, people have observed that certain players can become overexcited. Therefore, exercise caution and avoid playing near mirrors, televisions, and other fragile objects that could break.

The Under Presents:

The Under Presents is a unique game that enables you to experience virtual reality in a novel and engaging way. This is a fantastic single-player game that you can play for hours while discovering the puzzle room and taking advantage of VR in a stunning setting.

This game is a good choice if you have yet to try virtual reality because you can wander around the main stage and watch actual musicians perform there. Pizza fans can also find ships and caves.

The degree of interactivity is excellent because it blurs the lines between formal and informal settings so that you may watch immersive presentations and explore the virtual reality world while having a good time with friends. There are both single-player and multiplayer components.

Cards and Tankards:

Cards and Tankards is the ideal card game for you if you want something straightforward but entertaining. This is an actual strategy card game with all the enjoyable features you’d find in virtual reality.

Players can engage in 1v1 matches or compete against AI in this fascinating game. You may play the game by making your custom deck of 60 cards, or you can go out and play it with other players.

It is unquestionably enjoyable and stress-free as a social card game. This will work for you even if you prefer a game without much movement. This game is accessible to players of all physical abilities because it may be played standing or seated.