Best Video Games Without Violence for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

Grand Theft Auto V and other video games like it have generated more revenue than any other entertainment product in history. It also serves as the archetype for extreme, horrific violence in video games. Video games frequently feature violence as a motif. Video games and violence seem to be two sides of the same coin, with Mario’s squishy Goombas and DOOM’s bloody, demon-smashing action.

Nevertheless, nothing could be further from the fact. While shooters and other violent action games may be quite popular, many game styles and mechanisms are currently available in the video game industry. Many creative video games that don’t have you using violence against other in-game characters have been created by game developers.

Of course, there are different levels of violence in video games. Even violent games with the cartoony Mario jumping on things were avoided for this list. Because you can hit monsters on the head in Stardew Valley, a well-known, family-friendly game, none of those games are allowed to be included here.

Here are ten nonviolent video games to give you a sense of the variety available in nonviolent gaming. For more gameplay, watch the YouTube video up top.

Skylines of cities

The SimCity series is renowned among sim gamers, although there hasn’t been a good one in a long time. Due to a problematic launch and the need for an always-connected online connection, even in the single-player mode, the most recent version of the mainline games was published in 2013 to considerable controversy. Since then, there have been a few fairly terrible mobile apps, but nothing official gives us access to the core SimCity experience in the modern era.

Cities: Skylines can be useful in this situation. This is undoubtedly the best contemporary open-ended city sim, even though it does not have the iconic SimCity charm for obvious reasons. There are almost no platforms that Skylines isn’t available on, including the Switch! If you have the PC to support them, it also features extremely stunning graphics.

The simulation’s actual mechanics and architectural design are what count. Skylines are incredibly granular and allow you to create almost any city layout. There are a ton of expansions and DLC available as well, and some later console releases include some DLC in the price. For instance, the Switch edition comes with the DLC for After Dark and Snowfall.

There is an extra available if you truly want SimCity’s more aggressive features, such as natural disasters, which are absent from the original game.

Play Euro Truck Simulator 2

It’s a little mysterious why Euro Truck Simulator 2 continues to be so popular. Until you play it, that is. Yes, this game is about driving your big rig around the countryside of Europe, and it also contains a game about growing your trucking company.

But what makes this game worthwhile is the blissful experience of cranking up some tunes and spending hours driving about in your vehicle.

The developer of the nonviolent video game is still actively supporting and improving it even though it was first released in 2012. On Steam, it boasts one of the biggest active player bases.

ETS2 offers you thousands of stress-free hours of touring Europe from the cab of your truck after over 10 years of development and improvement. It’s strange, yet it functions. Even a strong preference for trucks is not necessary.


In recent times, there have been a lot of non-violent “walking simulators.” Examples include Dear Esther, Gone Home, and Journey. The issue is that these games go beyond the boundaries of what is considered to be a “game.” Instead, a somewhat interactive digital tale would be a better way to describe them.

Rime may initially resemble Journey, but it’s a legitimate 3D puzzle game. Climb, explore, work puzzles, and evade creatures are all required of your character. The game is gorgeous and well-made, despite not being extremely deep or difficult.

It has merely enough gameplay not to be considered a walking simulator. You may purchase it on almost any device. However, we advise playing it on a console like a Switch. In our opinion, the Windows version could use some serious optimization.

You take on the role of a young child who finds himself on a mysterious island, where you must unravel its mysteries while dealing with the peculiar spirits that call it home. Checking it out is worthwhile.

The Talos Theory

This non-violent video game is readily accessible across numerous platforms. We used an iPad Pro and a powerful PC to play it. It’s a science-fiction puzzle game in which you enter the world as a robot, a person in charge of a robot, or someone who believes they are a robot.

We’ll let you experience it firsthand since that’s such a crucial component of the game: the whole goal of this game is to solve the grand mysteries of the setting.

Collecting Tetris pieces is the main game mechanic, and they are locked behind problem zones that require you to crack mind-boggling physics and logic riddles to unlock the door to the following component. Apart from having your robot body destroyed and reset, this game doesn’t include much actual violence.

Gameloft Horizon 4

Yes, Forza Horizon 4 is yet another game centered around vehicles, which would seem like a good option for those seeking out non-violent games. Still, it’s not a simulation management game like Euro Truck Simulator. Additionally, it’s not your typical racing game, and it’s an open-world game with a strong online connection and a huge selection of cars, activities, and racing styles.

This version of Forza, which has a long and illustrious history on the Xbox, is unlike anything other. Additionally accessible on Windows, this version is currently included in Xbox Game Pass on PC as of the time of writing. This is one game that will satisfy practically all of your racing itchiness.

Only that Forza Horizon 4 is neither entirely a simulation nor quite an arcade game should be kept in mind. It strikes a decent mix between the two, but if you’re looking for a Gran Turismo-style hardcore sim, you should search elsewhere.

Launcher League

Yet another game featuring automobiles? We guarantee that this entry on the list is different from the other two-wheeled games. This is “car-soccer,” not soccer. You can play against the computer alongside someone else, by yourself, or in different combinations. You drive an RC car attempting to kick a massive soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. Easy, huh?

Rocket League is, in fact, simple to learn yet nearly tough to master. There are many practice hours ahead of you if being an expert in the game is your objective, yet experts can perform maneuvers that appear to be superhuman. Also available on Switch, this lovely nonviolent video game is perfect for playing locally with your friends.

Tetris’s Effect

The “Tetris Effect” occurs when you play Tetris too frequently and continue to see it when you close your eyes. It is also a video game that has become extremely popular.

It’s Tetris like you’ve never seen it before, and it’s available on both Windows and PS4. You still set your tetrominoes and clear lines, but music and rhythmic elements have been added to create something fresh and mesmerizing. Though quite popular in VR, the game is nevertheless rather enjoyable without it.


Despite being a few years old, Fez still plays flawlessly today because of its meticulously recreated retro aesthetics. This side-scrolling platformer’s main trick is that it’s not a 2D game, and rotating the entire globe in 3D makes it easier to solve puzzles and create new paths for your avatar. You may play Fez on various platforms; the universe is fascinating, and the artwork is inspirational.

Such as the PS3, PS4, and Vita. However, you can also play on iOS, which has a wider install base. In our opinion, the Vita version is the best mobile rendition of the game.