Is your Gaming application better than A Console game?

The gaming industry is undoubtedly in the current transition phase. As a traditional game console aims to hold onto as many gamers as possible, you will probably fight for your part of the action game. In the end, you will have to provide more to your users through minimalist game applications than conventional game consoles provide even with an abundance of hardware. If you can achieve that, then your application will definitely be better than a game console.

Make more with less

The art of competing with console games is a big undertaking. This basically means that you sign on to create a user experience with limited capabilities and hardware, which game consoles only have more than. More specifically, this means that you will have to attract users with elements other than expensive graphics and additional elements that traditional console games have the luxury of producing. In other words, if your application can appeal to users while making it just as big, if not more than an impression as a game console will, then it will practically be guaranteed success in the mobile application market.

Your application dressing for Impress

Because there is less hardware, graphics, and other capabilities compared to game consoles, you will need every advantage you can find when creating your mobile application. One of the best benefits you can make for your application is that it makes it look impressive to potential users. This means providing sharp looking icons and info pages for users to see when they are considering adding them to their mobile devices. Although you certainly shouldn’t fake one of your application’s features, you should definitely display them in the most interesting and positive light possible. Users will then be interested to see how impressive the gameplay of your application really is, and maybe even compare it to other mobile applications and game consoles that they like to play.

Separate your application

Chances are, although you want users to consider your application as a sophisticated console game, you also want them to see it in separate categories. After all, game consoles are much different from mobile applications, and in all honesty it seems to be on the way out contrary to mobile applications, which are on a smaller scale, but gives users the ability to enjoy games without a large console or disc to carry around with them . So when you create and then market your application to the gaming community, be sure not to compare it too much to game consoles, because, in many cases, they are two completely separate types of games.


It is not excessive to think your mobile gaming application is better than a game console. After all, there are many examples of mobile applications that people download and use more often than game consoles. For this reason, you should definitely aim to attract your application to console game users, but at the same time, separate it in terms of future gaming potential.